Meet the Beasts!

The boys who put the rubber to the road!

Rick Mclean


William Richard Samuel McLean a . k . a . Singer songwriter Rick has been a staple in the music business since the 80's where he played Mick Jagger in several different bands. He was in the punk scene after that with the Unknowns, The Rift and the Penetrators. Rick morphed into a session guy and shared the stage and studio with April Wine, Goddo, Nash the Slash all the way to Walter Ostanek. Rick released original material with Sloppy Duppy and rivalled the Look People with onstage theatrics. Recently, Rick forrmed the recording act Crooked Trail. Mixing aboriginal music with rock/blues, Crooked Trail won aboriginal awards and his song Sister Away became an anthem for Amnesty International. Rick is lead vocals, acoustic guitars and percussion for Beast of Burden.

Francis W. Oliver


Francis has been involved in the Niagara music scene for over 40 years. After 5 years of classical music training (R.C.M.), he began working in local bands such as Stallion, 4Play, (feat. Glen Gratto), The Lost Angels, Arms Length (feat. Rick McLean) and The Kim Germaine Band. When out of town, he worked with More Foreplay (feat. the Wheelers), Cruise Control and the Bareback Riders. Francis is putting his classical training to good use as a music theory/classical/pop guitar instructor in St.Catharines. Francis is the guitarist in The Waistband, current "open mic" house band @ the Maple Leaf Tavern in Niagara Falls and does lead/acoustic guitars/vocals for Beast of Burden.

Georgie Fab


Georgie is a fixture of the Canadian music scene in performance, song writing and studio production. He has worked or written with Lighthouse, Kim Mitchell, Sylvan Sylvain (New York Dolls), Johnny Fay (Tragically Hip), King Biscuit Boy, Bill Dillon (Peter Gabriel), and Sue Lenard (K.D.Lang). Georgie is versatile playing guitar, piano, synths and vocals for Beast of Burden.

John Edwin Pedler


Jack has been drumming professionally since the age of 13, playing with all the formative musicians in Canada since the 1950's. His most notable partnerships have been with Ray Materick, Larry Mercey (of the Mercey Brothers), Coyote Shivers and the unforgettable Teenage Head. Jack has also released an album of original material called Clown School and drums for Beast of Burden.

Paul Robert Kenneth Wheeler


Paul began playing drums in 1966, bass in 1970 and turned professional in 1972. Paul worked with his brother opening for various acts including Alice Cooper, Trooper, Toto, Alannah Myles and George Jones. Paul played in a number of tribute acts including More Foreplay (Boston and Yes), Van Whalen (Van Halen), Billy Kid and The Most Wanted 1990-92, The Wheeler Band 1992-2012 and Ronnie and The Rockets 2012 until the present. Paul continues to play live with many of his own bands in different types of music (country, rock, blues/jazz) and is the bassist for Beast of Burden.